Woman cries out for help to locate her brother-in-law, a Nigerian soldier that went missing in 2015


LT Chidi Ogbutuo (pictured) reportedly went missing over a year ago. His sister-in-law has now cried out for help via social media. She wrote:
“Have you seen my brother in-law..? LT Chidi Ogbuto. His first and last Unit was in Yola (signal corps). He called me last on 18th of Nov 2015 – ”Aunty plz tell my brother that our unit is moving to Maiduguri …and I tried reaching my brother but his lines weren’t going thru. Plz info him for me.” I prayed for you and the call ended. Tried your number later to check whether you got there safely. Till date, No news. No phone calls Chidi..its quite unlike you. Are you a victim of that boko haram ambush of 18th Nov 2015? Please Chidi’s coursemates.. Colleagues…soldiers who served with him. Do you know anything ??? Inbox me plzz