Why I Killed Man Who Helped Me to Get a Job - 19-year-old Boy Makes Shocking Confessions

What could have prompted a 19-year-old boy to hack to death his 55-year-old benefactor who assisted him to get a job in order to earn a living? Read below and find out.
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A 19-year-old boy, Cephas Abass from Benue state who hacked to death his 55-year-old benefactor who assisted him to get a job in order to earn a living, has been paraded by the Edo State Police Command. 
While describing the incident as wicked, the Edo state commissioner of police, Haliru Gwandu, said that a 55-year-old man identified as Aniete, from Akwa Ibom state took Cephas Benin to work at a plantation but unknown to late Aniete, Cephas had his eyes on Aniete’s motorcycle. 
According to Vanguard, after killing his victim, Cephas took the motorcycle to where it could be sold and in the process, he was nabbed. 
The Police commissioner said; “This is a very pathetic situation because this man he killed took him out for a job to make money and this boy took a cutlass and cut the victim from behind and ran away with the motorcycle abandoning the dead man there. 

"But God punished him because God knows he was wicked to the victim. As he was making arrangement to sell the motorcycle, the people insisted he must produce the receipt before they could buy it and while he was pretending and confused as to what to do next, my men accosted them at the check point and he finally confessed and was arrested."
Narrating how he murdered Aniete, Cephas said: “I killed Aniete but poverty made me to commit that crime. What happened was that he took me to Benin to work but while we were coming back I asked him to stop somewhere and I took the cutlass I saw around to kill him. 

"We work at Okomu Rubber Company but he told me there was a job in Benin that he would take me to. So he took me to Benin and while we were in the rubber plantation, I decided to use the cutlass to kill him because I wanted to steal the motorcycle so that I can sell it to make money. 

"But I was arrested when I went to sell the motorcycle in a nearby community. They asked me for the receipt of the motorcycle but I could not produce it and that was when they suspected that I may have stolen it. 

"I told them the receipt was at the rubber plantation, so they followed me back to where I said I came from. It was while we were on our way that the police stopped us at a check point and they told the police they were taking me to look for the invoice of the motorcycle. The police started interrogating me and I told them what happened and they arrested me”.