See The 9 Things Buhari Did That Confirms Change Is Really Here (List)

In this opinion posted on social media, the writer listed nine points that shows that the administration of President Buhari at the end of 2016 has achieved a lot.
End of the year ‘Change’ Update :
1. Sambisa Forest now a military garrison.
2. Nigerian (local) rice now a brand.
3. No more free government money.
4. Celebrated Christmas without fuel scarcity and bomb blast.
5. Created 200,000 N-Power jobs and 10,000 police recruitment without charging application fee and without single loss of life.
6. No more subsidy scam. Nigeria no longer indebted to fuel importers.
7. Boko Haram Commander arrested in Lagos… end of d road to Boko haram menace in d North East.
8. Treasury Single Account policy implemented without any hesitation.
9. Nigeria now ranked 22nd largest economy in the world… 1st in Africa.
l believe Nigeria will be great once again