Horror! See the Shocking Moment a Murderer Was Carrying His Victim's Body Part Through the Streets

The suspects were caught on camera carrying severed body parts in bags
A really shocking CCTV footage has emerged showing the moment Steven Jackson, a killer and his friend walked the streets carrying their victim's severed limbs from the murder scene.
Steven Jackson and his twisted friend Michelle Higgins were seen carrying a child's rucksack and a green suitcase as they disposed of Kimberley MacKenzie's body.
According to Daily Star UK, Jackson, 40, struck Kimberley, 37, over the head 11 times with a hammer before stabbing her 40 times in Montrose, Scotland, on October 27 last year.
The next day, Kimberley's body was cut into 12 pieces and dumped into four separate bins in the town.
The rest of her body was packed into the rucksack and left in the shower cubicle of their property in the town.
Jackson was convicted of the brutal murder yesterday.
His former lover Higgins, 29, was convicted of helping to dispose of the body.
Convicting, Judge Lady Rae said: “I have difficulty finding appropriate words to describe these horrific depraved crimes.”
She added to the jury: “This is one of the most distressing cases I have ever heard.”
In court each of the accused blamed the other for murdering Kimberley.
The murder charge against Higgins was found not proven.
Sentencing was deferred to the High Court at Livingston to January 17.