How to Subscribe for Glo 3.2gb for N1000 and other Data Plans


If you are in Glo data network stable area, then you have all cause to start rejoicing as Glo has done it again by secretly increasing their monthly data cap of N1000 and N2000 plans to 3.2GB and 7.5GB respectively

We believed that this was done in order to be the first to usher you into Nigerians 56th year of Independence anniversary.

With this, we can say that Glo has finally beaten, slammed and buried all their competitors when it comes to humongous data allocation to their subscribers.


And we don’t see any of their other competitors, whether MTN, Airtel or Etisalat coming near this Glo bountiful offer as none of them can be as data generous as this.

In all ramification and with all authority bestowed upon me, I declare this single action of Globacom Nigeria highly commendable and urge other network providers to follow suit.

But we are aware that you will also want to use this opportunity to plead with Glo to improve on their network data speed in many locations; and we will join you in that one more request, so that even in this recession stricken period, at least people can still have something to smile for and not only inflation everywhere you go.

As usual to subscribe for any of these monthly data plans, simply use your phone with your Glo line in it and dial *777#  and reply as follows in this order 1>1>2 and finally reply with either 1 or 2 for3.2GB or 7.5GB data at N1000 or N2000 cost respectively

Now, I have a question for the tweak lovers, and my question goes like this;

All ye tweak lovers, would you still tweak your devices for free or heavier data even after all that Glo is trying to do for you by making data quite affordable for its teeming Glo subscribers across the country?

If your answer is yes, we will like you to support it with cogent reason and also tell Glo what else you will want in data allocation aside from improving on their network speed and data connectivity stability
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