Poll of Polls: Clinton leads Trump by 2 points


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump tied in new polls

U.S Republican party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is tied with Donald Trump in new polls among likely voters released on Thursday night by CBS News/New York Times poll after a turbulent week battling health issues. According to the new polls, Trump and Clinton are locked at 42% among likely voters nationwide in a four-way race with Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein at 8% and 4% respectively.
Reports have it that enthusiasm among Democratic voters for Hillary Clinton has waned.

Washington (CNN)Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is leading Republican nominee Donald Trump by two points with likely voters in the most recent CNN Poll of Polls released Thursday.
The analysis shows Clinton has 43% of support from likely voters, Trump had 41% support, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson had 9% and Green Party candidate Jill Stein had 3%.
    The Poll of Polls averages results from the five most recent publicly released national polls that meets CNN's standards for publication. All of the polls included the four-way match-ups with the third party candidates. The poll of polls does not have a margin of sampling error.
    This comes as CNN/ORC polls show that Trump holds a narrow lead over Clinton in Ohio and the two are locked in a near-even contest in Florida, two critical battleground states for the election.
    Among likely voters in Ohio, Trump has 46% support to Clinton's 41%, while 8% support Johnson and 2% support Stein. In Florida, likely voters split 47% for Trump to 44% for Clinton, within the poll's 3.5 percentage point margin of error, and with 6% behind Johnson and 1% backing Stein.
    Since Sunday, Clinton has been off the trail with pneumonia, but returned Thursday to Greensboro, North Carolina, to campaign and also take questions from reporters.
    "As you may know, I recently had a cough that turned out to be pneumonia. I tried to power through it but even I had to admit that maybe a few days of rest would do me good," Clinton said at her campaign event. "I'm not great at taking it easy even under ordinary circumstances, but with just two months to go until Election Day, sitting at home was pretty much the last place I wanted to be."
    Meanwhile, Trump is headed to New Hampshire Thursday evening after outlining his economic vision in a policy speech in New York.
    The Poll of Polls includes: The CNN/ORC Poll conducted September 1-4; the ABC News/Washington Post Poll conducted September 5-8; the Quinnipiac University Poll conducted September 8-13; the CBS News/New York Times Poll conducted September 9-13 and the Fox News Poll conducted September 11-14