Obama blasts Donald Trump in fiery speech while campaigning for 'sick/bed-ridden' Hillary Clinton


U.S president Barack Obama has once again blasted Donald Trump while campaigning for Hillary Clinton who is recovering from pneumonia.
Obama attacked Clinton's rival Donald Trump with some of his harshest language yet saying the Republican nominee “is not fit in any way, shape, or form to represent this country abroad or to be its commander-in-chief.”
“Hillary Clinton is steady and she is true. I need you to work as hard for Hillary as you did for me.” I believe there has never been a man or a woman who is more qualified to serve as our president,” Obama said to cheers in a rally at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
This is the guy you want to be championing working people?” a bemused Obama asked, joking that “the Donald” doesn’t want working people living in his condominiums or playing on his golf courses. 
He spent most of his life staying as far away of working people as he could. And now this guy is going to be the champion for working people?”
Obama also took issue with Trump’s fondness for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who Trump’s praise for has evoked fear in his Republican colleagues.
“I have to do business with Putin,” Obama said.But I don’t go around saying that’s my role model.”
Obama said Trump’s claim that he would be a president for all is a joke and that he “wouldn’t let you all on his golf course.
''And now suddenly this guy is going to be your champion?Really? This is the guy you want to be championing working people?” Obama asked.

The president said he didn’t even represent many of the faces in the Republican Party.
“This isn’t Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party. This isn’t even the vision of freedom of Ronald Reagan. This is a dark vision,” Obama said.