Clinton’s claim that it’s legal for workers to be retaliated against for talking about their pay


“That’s legal: If you find out about somebody else’s salary even if you’re doing exactly the same job, you can be retaliated against, including being fired, in most places.”
— Hillary Clinton, speech in Tampa, Sept. 6, 2016
Clinton made this claim after retelling the story of two teens from Kansas who were fired after asking their boss about their pay.
The story goes like this. Jensen Walcott, 17, was hired at a pizza restaurant in Kansas. The same day, her friend Jake Reed, 17, was hired for the same job. They had the same level of experience. But Walcott found out Reed was making 25 cents per hour more than she was.
Walcott assumed it was a mistake and asked her boss about the disparity. Her boss said it was against policy to discuss her pay with Reed and fired both of them.